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You can choose from one of our 190+ home designs or put your own dream on paper, it doesn't matter we will build what you want at a price you need and we can do it in approximately 3 months. 
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       Systems-Built Homes are GREENER since each home is built in a central location.  There are few wasted fuel and time costs, much of the lumber is pre-cut so there is less waste and the excess lumber is easily recycled or used in other areas of the construction process, and on-site construction time is drastically cut so families, neighbors, and the environment are not disrupted like site-built homes.
     Systems-Built Homes are STRONGER since each home is built from the inside out; drywall seams, outlet joints, and other openings are sealed airtight before enclosing them in the outer walls.  Our homes are also inspected not only in the state they are built, but also in the state they are being placed.  It is also a proven that our homes are stronger due to the fact that not only do they ride down the highway on a truck, but they are also lifted off said truck in the air by a crane to be placed on a foundation with no structural damage.
       Systems-Built Homes are FASTER since delays and cost overruns are never an issue since production cannot be slowed by weather, contractor no-shows, or missing materials.  Traditional on-site construction can take on average 6 to 10 months, but our homes will be completed in approximately 90 days.
         Systems-Built Homes are BETTER since greater control over the construction process also means superior quality and your design options are virtually limitless.  With modular construction you can add living space to your home quickly and easily at anytime.  It is your home and it is exactly what you want your dream home to be

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) also believes in the System-Built way.  Click on the following news letter:
Modular Homes-Custom Construction at Warp Speed.

*still don't believe us?*
 Want to build a new home, and reduce your carbon footprint?  It's easy, build modular.  Modular buildings not only lessen your impact on the environment, they are cost efficient as well.  Click the link below to learn more

Southern Style Developing, LLP. is a Tennessee based Modular Dealer that delivers extraordinary homes to it's customers.  Their quality workmanship is top of the line.  This is one Tennessee Modular Dealer that believes in customer satisfaction.  SSD's  homes are manufactured by some of the best modular builders in the industry and can be customized to fit your every need.

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